Kristine always gives clear advice for AirBNB and vacation homes –

“Make sure everything is coordinated to mirror the experience the guests are expecting”

AirBNB today offers more available rooms worldwide than the largest single worldwide hotel chain! This has made supporting and growing further investments in real estate rather easy to enter the market, however many investors are experiencing the biggest challenge by entering the hospitality industry as a “novice”. 

As a property owner, these challenges can result in the risk of making mistakes that cause poor ratings and reduced bookings. 

Forget outfitted vacation rentals and second-hand store products for your space! 

In Kristine’s quest to solve problems for real estate professionals, investors, and service providers in converting multiple properties into vacation rentals, she quickly realized the solution. 

She has created an extensive list of everything you need for your Airbnb and several complete product sets to streamline the purchasing for housewares from some of the best in the hospitality industry. 

These products help:

  • improve guest satisfaction
  • increase guest ratings
  • reduce costs
  • eliminate hours for sourcing
  • multiply income for property owners

Today, one purchase from the Luxury Look Loft can deliver a large shipment with all the housewares needed to fully outfit your vacation rental!

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