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Founder of The Luxury Look, Award-Winning Designer, Luxury Home Stager & Consultant, Turn-Key Airbnb's, Travel Influencer & Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author, and Coach for Home Stager's, Interior Designers and Realtors.

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The Luxury Look is the Winner of Luxury Lifestyle Awards in:

"Best Luxury Interior Design Firm in Arizona, USA"

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Award-Winning Services

Kristine and her team have assisted on hundreds of investment properties, custom homes, remodels and bringing clients’ personalities to life by offering full-service interior design for new builds, remodels, and minor refreshes for residential or commercial spaces.

The key? Listening to clients has always been the priority. 

Kristine combines the foundations of a property, creativity, and collaboration to ensure each space reflects the most authentic vision of who you are and what you want to accomplish. From the walls, floors, and lighting to the furniture, accessories, and jewels - everything is crafted together with intention and purpose.

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As your interior stylist, Kristine assists in revamping your space without any structural modifications and preparing spaces for visual media with magazine and television shoots. She can source, shop, edit and beautify any space. 

Already have a team but need some extra help?

Kristine and her team love to collaborate with other designers, architects, and tradesmen! They take pride in being able to accurately identify and accommodate each client’s tastes and desired vision in any genre.  

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AirBNB today offers more available rooms worldwide than the largest single worldwide hotel chain!

This has made supporting and growing further investments in real estate rather easy to enter the market, however many investors are experiencing the biggest challenge by entering the hospitality industry as a “novice”.

She has created an extensive list of everything you need for your Airbnb and several complete product sets to streamline the purchasing for housewares from some of the best in the hospitality industry. 

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Turning empty commercial spaces into environments where potential customers, prospective buyers, or renters can imagine themselves flourishing in. 

Are you opening a new business? Selling an existing business or property?

Don’t make the mistake of showing an empty space. This will make prospective customers or renters focus on the negative points and create a situation where they may potentially miss some of the key aspects and benefits of your property.

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Leveraging the art of design and staging, Kristine creates an authentic brand within your space to represent your company at its best.

Having a professional stager work with your photographers to make sure that your work, images, and surrounding spaces are ready for the camera can determine whether the time and cost associated with it is not lost. 

Whether you build custom cabinets or sell products such as tile, stone, mirror’s or lighting, you have a lot of details to handle when running your business, let Kristine remove the distractions for the best possible results.

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CLIENT testimonials

“In nearly 30 years of Real Estate, I have seen a lot, however, none of it measures up to the transformation my home of many years, took on this day when The Luxury Look staging company with Kristine Vowles put her magic into our 1948 Arcadia Home. WOW!!! INCREDIBLE!!!“

“I know that the staging was the reason my custom home sold after being on the market for over a year. We not only received a lot of interest but multiple offers and at a 1.4 million price point in a down market, we were thrilled for the outcome. I should have hired The Luxury Look in the beginning.“

"When I needed to hire a designer for our new show, I did NOT hesitate to contact the best in class and that was Kristine Vowles owner of The Luxury Look. I needed a space that functioned like a corporate headquarters but that felt like a boutique hotel experience. I knew she could deliver, and she did.” –

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