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The Luxury Look's
100% Leather Custom
Rug Collection

Kristine has hand-picked and created exclusive items to design with intention, integrity, and innovation, turning it into a magical experience the moment you step foot inside. She believes everyone can have a luxury look within their home.

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100% Genuine Leather

Majority of leather rugs (including the high-end rugs) that are sold on the market are normally made up of only 10%-30% leather!

Texture Elevates Your Space

The vast majority focus only on the color, size, or the design of the space. By adding different textures throughout your space; you completely revolutionize it!

Fully Custom &
Made To Order

Our team works directly with you to get the perfect rug that will transform your space into something out of The Luxury Look award-winning design portfolio.

Which Rug Is Best For You?

With different combinations of textures and sizes; our team has the ability to design and customize our rugs to match perfectly with the surrounding area.

We will walk you through a quick series of questions that will help you narrow down your choice:

  • Which area of the home will the rugs be used?
  • How would you like the space to feel when they step in?
  • What is the perfect size for that area or space?
  • What color, pattern, or design style of rug?

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