Curation - Official Luxury Look Scent

$ 75.00 USD

An Exclusive “Luxury Look” Scent This exquisite scent creates an unforgettable, mysterious experience that features diverse notes from the elusive ingredient, Oud, subtlety blended with essential oils of Saffron and Rose.

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Scent Matters

It will make any interior environment come to life with an olfactory experience that permeates a sense of opulence, luxury, and a feeling of comfort.

All luxury brands must cater to their clientele and all luxury homes must cater to their owners and guests, which requires a gentle intrusion into customized tastes and expectations.

Certain scents invoke emotions so having different scents in different areas of your home, office, or event will change the atmosphere in an extraordinary way. This is one of Kristine's secret techniques that she uses in her luxury staging projects that makes a world of difference!

Why Did Kristine Create "Curation"

Oud is a complex fragrance known as the “Five Thousand Dollar per pound scent” and is by far one of the most expensive and rare raw ingredients in the world. When magically blended with Saffron and Rose, it creates subtle touches of floral and fruit with a predominant scent that is musky and sensual.